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19 Sep 2017
Madden 18 is a respectable addition to the overall series. The impressive nature of its graphics and the continued enjoyment throughout its game modes gives it enough prowess to sustain its image and produce a pleasing experience throughout your time with it.

EA Sports has also added a new co-operative Ultimate Team called MUT Squads, and given the visuals a bit of a makeover. Co-op play adds a new dimension to Ultimate Team, which has been getting a little stale in recent years - and not just in Madden. Because everything is better when played with friends, MUT Squads is perfect for anybody who's fallen out of love with Ultimate Team.

Ultimate team is arguably the most enjoyable feature introduced to some of EA’s sports titles over the...

14 Sep 2017
September is synonymous with sports in the video game industry. This is the month in which, taking advantage of the start of the season in the real competitions, the companies launch to the market the new deliveries of their most important sports titles. Surely everyone comes to mind FIFA, NBA 2K, or Pro Evolution Soccer, but this time we do not come to talk about any of these sagas. It is the turn of American football, it is Madden's 18 turn. EA Sports, through its studio EA Tiburon, continues to take care of its saga more longeva, and in this occasion it gives us a very solid delivery and that brings many interesting news that to good sure will delight both those who are fans of this sport and those who see it a bit from the barrier...

09 Sep 2017
These days, EA Sports updated a new trailer to celebrate the NFL season.

Madden NFL 18 is a sports simulator. Fans of the series are waiting not just another part of the franchise dedicated to American football, because the game will first acquire a full storyline - Longshot.

The story will be based on the story of a young football player named Devin Wade (Devin Wade). Once the protagonist was a successful quarterback, but leaving the University of Texas in Austin, he gave up football for several years. However, the main character has a dream to get into the NFL, which he will try to execute. In Longshot, we can see actor Mahershal Ali, known for the movie "Moonlight" and the series "Luke Cage", which perform one of the roles in the...

23 Aug 2017
The Madden eSport competition is expanding and changing its name. This season, the NFL Club Championship.

The principle is simple. Players will first register and compete online. The top 32 NFL club (one for each franchise) will then meet at the Madden NFL Club Championship Live Finals at the Pro Bowl Experience in Orlando and then the Super Bowl Experience in Minneapolis.

Over the course of qualifying, live events in several cities will be organized.

EA Sports puts the floor on the eSport, as other Madden Majors are also planned: Madden NFL Classic on October 20 and 21, and Madden Challenge on December 15 and 16. The total prize money of these Madden NFL Championship Series is $ 1.15 million.

The bad news? The rewards remain reserved for...

23 Aug 2017
The release of Madden 18 is fast approaching and the EA Sports studio now offers us a new video that features Longshot, the story mode that will present in the game.

Longshot presents the story of a young football player who will pursue his dream of being drafted in NFL. For producers, the idea is to have the impression of being in a film, with a gripping story and choices that can prove decisive for the rest of your virtual career.

Find the presentation of the different actors who took part in this experience, with a distinguished guest in the person of Dan Marino. And get back on August 25 for Madden 18's release.